Central Region Open Fishing Tournament

Check out our opening live stream that we hosted on October 4th!

What is C.R.O.F.T?

C.R.O.F.T (Central Region Open Fishing Tournament) is an open fishing tournament for ages 5-20 for scouts and non-scouts where you will be catching catfish or bass in a freshwater outlet. This is an individual event, but highly encouraged to do with a friend, your local unit, family, and friends!

Dates and Registration

The first window for the open fishing tournament is Sept. 19th-Oct. 4th and the second week is Oct. 17-Nov. 1st. To register for this event, go to the registration tab in the top right corner. The competition is split into age brackets, 5-10, 11-15,16-20, and 21+. When registering, choose the correct age bracket. The awards will be announced on Oct. 4th and Nov. 1st.

This event is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, for information on the BSA visit scouting.org

This is a nationwide event sponsored by Central Region Venturing and Central Region Sea Scouts. For more information on both of these programs visit crprogram.org